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Stakeholder Engagement for Business Analysts

Equip your Business Analysts with Stakeholder Engagement tools and techniques. 


Your team already knows that stakeholders' cooperation is key to identifying requirements and adopting the solution.  Kalixity can help your team engage stakeholder support for business and strategic goals while eliciting solution requirements. Contact us for an assessment and plan development.

Business Analysis Services

Enterprise Analysis

Define and understand the strategic, structural, functional, operational, and cultural components of your organization. The output of this analysis delivers a powerful tool for visualizing and assessing the framework that supports enterprise strategies and for identifying opportunities for innovation.

Business Need Analysis

Define the "why" and the "what" your organization needs to change in order to meet its strategic goals.  This critical exercise establishes the foundation and guiding principles  for requirements definition,  solution design, organizational change management, stakeholder engagement,  communications, and performance measures.


Current State Analysis

Strategic decision-making begins with knowledge. Understand the "as-is" from critical perspectives to set the baseline for informed opportunity assessment and performance measurement.

Capability Gap Assessment

Quantify and qualify the skills, knowledge, and processes needed to achieve business goals effectively and efficiently.  A comprehensive assessment lays the foundation for a strong business case that reduces risk and sharpens the understanding of true organizational costs and benefits.  

Business Case Development

Develop the justification narrative for your initiative by presenting the business need, implementation strategy, costs, and benefits aligned with strategic goals,  stakeholder expectations, and risk tolerance.  Frame your business case in terms that secure investment and gain commitment from your stakeholders.


Business and Transition Requirements
Actively engage your stakeholders to capture complete and relevant requirements for the business solution and what's required to transition successfully to the future state.  Kalixity engages stakeholders to elicit and validate their requirements that can shape critical outcomes.

Key Performance Indicators, Performance Measures, and Metrics
Link performance to strategic goals to reinforce the integration of the business and cultural values defining your enterprise. The correct indicators, measures, and metrics illuminate priorities, provide actionable insight into imbalances, and offer opportunities for meaningful reward.
Business Analysis Consultation and Facilitation
Kalixity offers:

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Business Need Analysis
  • Current State Analysis
  • Capability Gap Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Business and Transition Requirements
  • Key Performance Indicators, Performance Measures, and Metrics
  • Focused Issue/Challenge Consultations