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Align to Change

Internal alignment, the universal organizational commitment to common goals, propels and sustains success.  Before embarking on change initiatives, ensure that  your people, principles, policies, and culture  are aligned with your vision.

Kalixity will help you assess the alignment required by your vision and develop strategies to build commitment, consistency, and cultural incentives to move toward future state objectives.  

Organizational Change Management Services

Future State Definition

Powerful guiding principles emerge from considering the desired future state from strategic, functional, operational, cultural, and stakeholder perspectives. Kalixity can help you express the vision for a future that excites interest, sets expectations, and provides parameters for organizational and personal decision-making.

Change Impact Assessment
Implementing a major change directly affects technology, systems, processes, employees and other stakeholders. Kalixity can help you understand impact scope, opportunities, risk of disruption to your business, and consequences to culture, policy, social networks, and organizational structures.
Change Readiness Assessment
A swift transition to the new "business as usual"  depends on the underlying technical, operational, cultural, and structural  preparedness of the organization and its resources to realize the expectations of the future state.  Kalixity's Change Readiness Assessment reveals the relative readiness of organizational components from critical perspectives.

Change Leadership Engagement
Engaged leaders catalyze effective change.  Discover, engage, and equip your leaders - at the top of the hierarchy and within the ranks - to motivate stakeholders and drive needed change. Provide your leaders with information, tools, techniques, and opportunities to engage the organization and its stakeholders.
Social Network Analysis
Powerful informal social networks exist in the workplace alongside formal organizational structures. Communication between socially connected stakeholders encourages collaboration, promotes efficiency, and fosters best practice. Before launching  major changes that affect workflow, functional groups, or the workplace, Kalixity uses Social Network Analysis to identify underlying connections that need to be maintained and gaps that must be bridged.
Organizational Change Management Consultation and Facilitation
Kalixity offers:

  • Future State Definition
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Change Leadership Engagement
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Focused Issue/Challenge Consultations