Kalixity, LLC

Culture in Context:


Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

Visualize the strategic relevance of stakeholders

Insight into stakeholders’ relative influence, needs, issues, and expectations is essential to developing high priority/high value engagement tactics. Kalixity will develop a richly detailed Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Ecosystem Map, charting, comparing, and prioritizing stakeholder relationships to your strategic objectives.

Analyze the stakeholder ecosystem to increase opportunity and reduce risk

Understanding your stakeholders’ issues and expectations improves your ability to address their real requirements, build buy-in, recognize areas for business growth,and realize the full potential of more sustainable solutions. Make your engagement efforts more authentic, productive, and cost effective.

Prioritize stakeholders for effective impact

Identify the criteria important to your success and prioritize your stakeholders according to their relation to your criteria.  Strategic prioritization saves time and resources by allowing you to shape and focus engagement efforts on your most influential stakeholders and their most important requirements.

Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping Consulting and Facilitation

Kalixity offers:
  • Stakeholder Ecosystem Identification
  • Customized Criteria for Stakeholder Analysis Relative to your Strategic Business Goals
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Ecosystem Mapping
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Stakeholder Issue Ranking
  • Focused Issue/Challenge Consultations