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Stakeholder Engagement Metrics

Assess the effectiveness of Stakeholder Engagement activities

Realizing the full business value of any initiative depends on buy-in and commitment from stakeholders. But how do you know whether your efforts to engage stakeholders are moving the needle? Stakeholder Engagement Metrics deliver information to objectively and continuously assess the benefit of stakeholder engagement activities and adjust as necessary.


Measure Stakeholder Engagement 

Build measures, tied to business objectives and stakeholder engagement goals, into every activity and every phase across the Stakeholder Initiative Lifecycle. The resulting flow of metrics reveals status, trends, and targets for continuous improvement. We also facilitate stakeholder feedback and lessons learned as qualitative inputs to planning, goal setting, and the identification of new opportunities.   

Identify Critical Success Factors 
Identify the Critical Success Factors (CSFs), linking your strategic objectives with your Stakeholder Initiative. CSFs directly correlate to your business vision, goals and objectives. We’ll also help you define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that take the pulse on progress made toward your quantitative stakeholder engagement goals. 

Kalixity's Stakeholder Engagement Measurement Consulting and Facilitation

Kalixity offers:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Measures and Metrics Identification
  • Metrics Analysis, Debrief and Recommendation
  • Stakeholder Feedback & Lessons Learned Analysis & Recommendations
  • Focused Issue/Challenge Consultations