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Stakeholder Engagement Planning

Ensure stakeholder engagement activity adds value to your business

Ensure that execution of your stakeholder engagement strategy aligns with your business strategy.  Effective planning ensures that every stakeholder event is goal-oriented, designed to reduce risk, promotes better and more sustainable solutions, and drives better business outcomes.

Achieve strategic business objectives by engaging stakeholders with the end in mind

Engage prioritized stakeholders in your specific business context. Plans cover the Stakeholder Initiative Lifecycle for each stakeholder, comprising:

  • tactics and activities
  • engagement goals and expected outcomes
  • ground rules
  • ownership
  • timelines
  • milestones, measures, and reporting.

Plan each engagement activity, informed by knowledge of stakeholder interests and issues, attention to legal and business requirements, and the operational and cultural dynamics at play.  


Measure for effectiveness
Analyze Stakeholder Initiative Metrics to keep the focus on achieving strategic business goals.    Kalixity evaluates stakeholder feedback and lessons learned to improve Stakeholder Initiative results and enhance Stakeholder Engagement as a core capability.

Stakeholder Engagement Planning Consulting and Facilitation

Kalixity offers:

  • Tailored Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Business Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement Dashboard
  • Stakeholder Feedback & Lessons Learned Analysis & Recommendations
  • Focused Issue/Challenge Consultations