Kalixity, LLC

Culture in Context:


Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Align Stakeholder Engagement with core business values & vision

An actionable, business-focused engagement strategy draws stakeholders into creating business value. Kalixity will help you define the strategic role that stakeholders can play in your business success and to map your business objectives to stakeholder engagement goals.


Ensure Stakeholder Engagement investment contributes value

Define your Stakeholder Engagement goals and drivers to align principles, owners, success factors, performance indicators, and measures. We’ll build a flexible, results-based framework for planning, allocating resources, and fine-tuning your strategy to support changing business objectives and stakeholder dynamics. 

Measure to improve and sustain

Kalixity builds measurement, tied to business objectives, into every phase. The resulting flow of metrics reveals status, trends, and targets for continuous improvement. We facilitate reviewing lessons learned to build on success and reduce the risk of repeating costly mistakes.


Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Consulting and Facilitation

Kalixity offers:

  • Business Objectives/Stakeholder Engagement Goals Mapping
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Success Factors and Performance Indicators for Stakeholder Engagement
  • Focused Issue/Challenge Consultations