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Culture in Context:


The PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge,
Fifth Edition), has designated
Project Stakeholder Management as a Knowledge Area.

Kalixity can help you build your team's essential Project Stakeholder Management capabilities. When your team is ready to move beyond the basics, Kalixity provides training on Stakeholder Engagement skills, processes, communications, techniques, measurements, and more.

What happens at the intersection of Stakeholder Engagement, Business Analysis and Organizational Change Management?


  • Business-smart decisions

  • Rapid innovation to address changing expectations

  • On-target requirements

  • Successful, sustainable solutions

  • Accountable partnerships building beneficial outcomes

  • Customers that connect with your vision, not just with your product

Forge enduring stakeholder relationships that share your commitment to success.


Invest in Stakeholder Engagement.

Stakeholder Engagement builds and sustains a culture of shared responsibility for value creation, now and into the future.

Proactively involve your stakeholders in strategic decision-making, goal-driven activity, and purposeful dialog to reduce risk,  sharpen the focus on vision and deepen understanding of mission. Uncover assumptions, improve quality and completeness of requirements, strengthen alignment between leadership and the workforce, speed feedback, ease resistance, enable faster  adoption, and promote successful outcomes with involved stakeholders.

Integrate Business Analysis and Organizational Change Management strategies to envision and enable innovation that stakeholders will embrace.  

Vibrant interaction between an organization and its stakeholders drives change that's feasible, sustainable, and meaningful to the shared culture. The key is to establish and integrate processes that determine business need, justify investment, define requirements, and manage change impacts.

Assure your return on investment in Stakeholder Engagement.

Establish, manage, and measure Stakeholder Engagement as a  core competency aligned with your strategic vision and contributing materially to achieving your objectives.  Map your business goals to stakeholder engagement goals and  build a flexible, results-based framework supporting changing business and stakeholder dynamics.

You'll be able to quantify your results and adjust accordingly.


Build and sustain your Stakeholder Engagement capabilities.
Kalixity will help your organization embrace Stakeholder Engagement as a measured, process-based capability that contributes to your success today and builds the strategic relationships needed for success tomorrow.  We offer coaching, training, and consulting services to assure that your team is ready to engage your stakeholders and build value, together.

Differentiate your organization through Stakeholder Engagement.


  • Understand and anticipate the expectations of your existing customers.
  • Develop insights into the unfilled needs of prospective customers.

  • Delight customers with perceptive solutions.

Kalixity will help your organization analyze, communicate, and engage with stakeholders to build business, create affinity, and foster relationships that endure.