Kalixity, LLC

Culture in Context:


Sharpen the “customer focus” of your proposals


Shipley Associates’ Proposal Guide for Business and Technical Professionals, Third Edition, identifies “customer focus” as a best practice guideline.  Develop your proposal team’s capabilities to:


  • Analyze opportunities from the viewpoint of prospective customers and other stakeholders
  • Develop solutions  that meet customer needs
  • Articulate solutions in terms that communicate effectively    

Stakeholder Analysis for Business Development 

Understand the stakeholder ecosystem to improve strategic pursuit of new business

Enrich your business development approach with objective information about your target stakeholder environment.  Enhance your ability to evaluate the relative business value of opportunities. Understand the stakeholder perspective of a given opportunity.

Map your company’s capabilities to needs-driven scenarios and timelines

Kalixity performs a tailored stakeholder analysis that illuminates the key roles, people, objectives, organizational dynamics, business drivers, and underlying requirements characterizing your potential customer’s stakeholder environment. Kalixity then maps the analysis, including various scenarios and timelines, to your company’s current or planned capabilities.  

Inform perceptive conversations and proposals to drive better solutions

The success of any initiative depends on stakeholder buy-in.  Demonstrate your awareness of stakeholder dynamics as they impact your prospective customer’s needs by incorporating targeted stakeholder engagement strategies into your proposed solutions to add value and reduce risk.

Stakeholder Analysis for Business Development

Kalixity's Stakeholder Analysis for Business Development includes a series of corporate interviews to identify your company's strategic objectives, timelines, capabilities, and outreach channels. Our Report provides objective recommendations addressing:

  •   Target Customer Stakeholder Profiles
  •   Issues and Opportunities Analysis
  •   Corporate Objectives/ Stakeholder Scenario Mapping
  •   Stakeholder Needs/ Corporate Capabilities Mapping